Import an existing podcast

If you want to move your podcast from your current hoster to BTC Podcasting we can do that for you via "Import a podcast".

Make sure you own the rights for the podcast you want to copy before importing it. Copying and broadcasting a podcast without the proper rights is piracy and is liable to prosecution.

Castopod supports the locking tag: if you try to copy a protected podcast, you will get an error message. If you want to copy a podcast that you protected, you should un-protect it from your former hosting platform panel first.

When you are ready, just write the RSS feed URL of the podcast you are importing:

Visit Castopod to see the general import description.

Advanced parameters

Recommendation Set up a test podcast first, with a test name and import 3 episodes and try and change the import settings. When you found the best import method go and set up and import your existing podcast.

Episode slug <title>: uses the title of an episode to create the new URL <link>: uses the current URL of an episode to create the new URL

Source field for episode description This defines the way the current episode description is imported and presented on BTC Podcasting. <content:encoded> preserved the formatting best when imported from WordPress Plugin Podlove.

Importing a high number of episodes will take time. If you get an error message please get in touch with support.

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